Xian City Wall & Terracotta Warriors

Today we got to experience the Xi’an city wall. It separates the inner and outer parts of Xi’an. The humongous wall was thirty nine feet high and fifteen kilometers in length. After scaling an intimidating flight of stairs we arrived at the top where we received bicycles for the journey across the length of the wall. Some of us used the time to zoom across the stone wall while others took it as a time to take pictures of the city. Next stop: the Terracotta Warriors! Our guide and Ms. Hardwick each gave us some information of the history of the tomb on the way there, and then we spent time walking through the museum. 

Erracotta Group Photo outside Terracotta Warriors
City Wall Riding on the Old City Wall!

Learning how to make Hand-Pulled Noodles for dinner!

Later in the afternoon we attended a noodle making class, where we helped cook our own dinner (or tried to, at least). They were delicious! And to cap off the day we had a chance to explore the Muslim market. Exotic food and drinks galore from tentacles, to durian and coconuts was a wonderful experience.

Noodle Making 1
Noodle Making 2

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