China has a very rich history that started 8000 years ago, this means they have a lot of different blended cultures. There are 56 different ethnic groups in China. There were many fantastic buildings, sites, restaurants that we visited on Friday (4/12) and yesterday (4/13) in Chengdu city of Sichuan, and Xi’an city of Shaanxi. However, the 1 section that stands out the most for me is Muslim Market and Drum Tower from Xi’an city. Xi’an has a prolonged history, and perhaps the most famous for Great Wall of China by the first emperor of China, Shi Huang De, or the first capital of the unified China of 7 kingdoms, or Terracotta warriors. But you can’t never really forget the Muslim Market when you come to China.

562 China

Muslim Market

A very famous ethnic group called, Muslim Hui makes up about 65000 of the whole population. Even though they are Chinese, but they do follow the 5 pillars and the women wear the hijabs like Middle Eastern. The Muslim Market is respected as the scenic spot for the tourists in Xi’an and even attracted the local people. Xi’an was the starter point of Silk Road, a few Arabian and Persian were participated in the trade. They traveled to Chang’an, today’s Xian, for business and studying the culture of Han Dynasty. They settled down on Muslim Street and later called Hui by locals.  Generations after generations, the population have multiplied. Muslim market can be called as Muslim Quarter, is located next to Drum Tower. This is a street market consisted of food stalls, some souvenirs, and some clothes+technologies. I had a little experience with bargain shopping before. I planned to try some foods but since we only had 2 hours, and I did not try any foods, except the cold candy balls, … I also planned to buy a lot of different things like souvenirs or clothes. We went to a lot of stores and tried to bargain shop hardly. I bought a belt and a watch from China. According to the owners of the stores, these “brand names” or “hypebeast” are claimed to be a real, but, it is fake or imitation. I do not recommend you buy any technologies in China, the technologies are not good qualities because it may break in a brief period or even worse, explosions of the technologies. I bargained with a lady for a watch from 225 yuan to 100 yuan. It was “brand name”, too. I put it in my bag and without even dropping or damaging it, I took out of the plastic bag and the glass was broken. The other belt was something that worth buying, I bargained it from 400 yuan to 120 yuan and it was also fake “brand name”. But the place was good place with foods that smells enjoyable.

Img 0699 The broken watch glass

Drum Tower

We did not really go inside of the Drum Tower. But it was next to the Muslim Market. And nearby is a Bell Tower, is symbolized for a city. Drum Tower has a drum, Bell Tower has a bell. When sun rises, bell is stricken. When sunset, drum is beat to show the end of the day.

Img 0680 Drum Tower next to the main street.

Tips for Muslim Market

If you are a vegetarian, Muslim Market may not be a good place for you to go eat, there is mostly just meat foods. Well, don’t give up because you can also go to Muslim for some gifts or there are some other great foods like pomegranate candy and sweet yogurt. Always try to bargain shop! But most importantly showing some respect and being nice towards the owners is the main key. If you never have any experience with bargain shopping, go watch Colin Broadcast Videos. He is a guy that can give you a perfect example how to bargain. Also it is crowded, so be careful with pick pocket.

Img 0679 Muslim Street at night.