Out of all my experiences in China, staying at my exchange student’s home was by far the most new to me. I have been to China in the past, however I have never been to China alone without my parents, in fact I have never traveled alone. At first I was very nervous to stay at someone else’s house alone. Grace, my exchange student, and her family were very welcoming and provided me with everything I needed for homestay. The first night, Grace and her family took me to eat Beijing Peking duck. It was very good and I ate very much. After that we went back to her house, and since it was very late at that point, I unpacked my stuff and went to sleep.

The next day, after we ate breakfast of noodles, Grace and I walked to The Beijing Experimental High School. Grace lives 5 minutes away from the school so it is very convenient to walk over, also it was nice to sleep more and wake up later than others who live further from the school.

On Tuesday, after school ended, Grace’s mom cooked us dinner of rice and beef. I really liked it and finished all of it. After that, Grace had a online class so I was able to get a start on my missed homework and class work. After Grace’s online course, Grace and her mom brought me to a street called HouHai street. We took a taxi over, it was very interesting because the taxi drivers here are very reckless and drove very fast. Since it was dark out, all the lights on this street were on. It was very aesthetic to look at. The street was filled with food shops, souvenir shops, and stationary shops. There were many people walking around, mainly young people having fun with their friends. We walked down a street, which was not as long as I expected, and got to a river called HouHai. There were boats still in operation on the river, but since it was late we decided not to go on the boats. The lights around the river were being reflected in the water and it was a very pretty sight. Grace and I got hungry so we found a store selling soup dumplings and ate them. We went into a few souviner shops including a shop selling very pretty fans. We also went into some stationary stores, there was a postal store selling postcards and stationary. The stationary there was very cheep and very cute, I really liked the washi tape. When we were walking back, we decided to get some chocolate bread filled with icecream. We took another taxi back. While driving back, we drove through a vibrant street filled with stores and lights. It was very beautiful because there were trees on both sides of the road and the trees were covered with lights. When we got home, it was already 10:00 so I decided it was time to go to bed.