Today was our last day in Chengdu and China. Since the students were enjoying the hospitality of their host families, I managed to sleep in a bit and go to a local cafe (okay, Starbucks) to get some grading done. Some things the students did this morning included making dumplings, taking a kung fu class, and going to a local museum. Then this afternoon we all gathered to experience KTV - karaoke TV - and it was certainly an experience, but one the students all seemed to enjoy. 

Ktv Fuyn 2
Ktv Fun

Then we walked over to nearby hot pot restaurant for our farewell dinner with our host families and teachers from the Chengdu Foreign Language School. The restaurant - named “The Hero’s Journey” (advanced translation provided by Leo and Mr. Lowinger) - gave us an entire back room for to fit our group. The room was set up like an outdoor garden and was beautiful and the food was delicious!

Hot Pot 1
Hot Pot
Hot Pot 2
Hot Pot 3
Hot Pot 7
Hot Pot 4

All in all it was a great last day in China. We are incredibly grateful for the hospitality of the our host families and the faculty and staff that made our visit to Chengdu so memorable. We also want to thank Leo - our guide from Alpha Exchange - for getting us through China safely and making our experience here truly exceptional. Tomorrow we head to the airport bright and early for a full day of travel home!

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