The Alpha-Exchange Summit was an experience I would not change for anything. Going in, I was nervous. All I had been made aware of was that I was stepping into a room with many kids from across the country, and world. When we had first arrived, we were a bit early. Entering the auditorium to see the elementary school aged Chinese choir practicing kickstarted my morning. The amount of talent inside of these young kids was inspiring. As schools flooded in, it was so interesting to even view from the outside, how people my age from around the world act and dress. When the ceremony opened up I was so impressed, and genuinely inspired. The discussion we had on education, how it can improve, and the role we; as students have in the process of connecting our world and moving forward in education truly made me think. 


We entered into our breakout groups, and introduced ourselves. I was with some girls from around the country, and two boys from India. It was so incredible to see their stance on the problems we have been facing, and continue to face in education. Every person was so warm and welcoming. The discussion even provoked me, someone who is typically shy and introverted to be extremely involved and share my input as well. 

When it was time for us to either leave the classrooms and explore, or teach about your topic, I taught. This is something I would typically not volunteer for, but I knew it would make my eye-opening experience so much more enlightening. It was incredible to use my voice to communicate with international students. I loved every moment of it. The input I received from the other students was also extremely interesting and valuable. When that time was over, it was time for lunch. I joined back with my friends, and we laughed and enjoyed the company of each other, and our teacher. This was my last morning in Beijing spent right.