Today my host family and I went to visit the yellow crane tower of Wuhan and a shopping center. We started the day by eating traditional Chinese breakfast which was dry noodles and hot soy milk, which was surprisingly good seeing as I’ve never been appealed by warm milk. This was a hard one for me because with my overwhelming sweet tooth that I seem to have in the mornings was expecting cereal, jam, or a pastry but Fiona tells me that Wuhan is famous for their food and after trying it I see why.

Then we took the bus to the tower. Driving in foreign countries always seems to amaze me. As if we are the only country with car accidents and driving laws. Other countries drive 2 feet apart with no stopping and no rules and never seem to have any trouble. After about a 15 minute drive we reached the tower and made our way around. Within the time we were at just the tower, 4 people asked to take a picture with me and 2 just took a picture of me without even trying to hide the fact. I felt like a celebrity or something with the amount of eyes on me. I don’t know what people thought while they were looking so sometimes it was an uneasy experience but still fascinating.

After finishing our time at the tower we stopped for lunch at a KFC. Just watching throughout the day, I see that the use of technology is mind blowing. At both the supermarket, the ticket booth at yellow crane, the vending machines, and the KFC they paid with their phones. Just little thing show me how very advanced major cities are today.

Another thing I’ve noticed through the short time we’ve been here is the amount of food. I always thought that the U.S had the largest portions and ate the most, for obvious reasons, but being here i have ate more than I have in my entire life. The amount of food that is put out of the tables for home and restaurant meals is overwhelming but in a good way.

Everyday I’m amazed by the number of people in this city and how these 10+ million can make a community but yet they manage and not only are we in a different country that I am not use to but also we are in a major city, where as I’m used to living every day in a small homey town so it really fascinates me and makes me feel like I’m in a divergent movie especially with all these identical living units and futurist technology.

Sometimes I will forget where I am and just think of this as another typical weekend but then I look closer and realize I’m in a different world almost. I realize most people will never experience something like this and I am grateful to have been taken in by some of the kindest people I have ever met and I can’t wait to see what else China has to offer!